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Our products which we offers
Variate Solar offers solar-related solutions and collaborates with Adani, Waree, Tata, and Vikram dealers.

Why Choose Variate Solar?

  • We believe in client first approach; with it we have installed solar system for both national and international companies as our satisfied clients
  • Excellent quality products and services have resulted in repeat orders from these marquee customers
  • Promoted by IIT’ians we have highly competent team for each activity
  • Team is optimum mix of Technocrats, Engineers, Project Managers and Finance leaders
  • We stick to strong engineering fundamentals with adherence to international safety norms while building the system
  • With our expertise, we give our customers high-quality service and business insights, which helps them significantly reduce their energy cost and meet their sustainability goals
  • We have inhouse excellent team of highly qualified engineers and technicians of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, and Solar PV Design
  • With their expertise we design and build perfect solutions for clients’ needs which not just reduce electricity cost, but they are financially most rewarding
  • With Meticulously engineered design
  • With use of latest technology in the field of solar energy like highly efficient Mono Perc Modules and Anti PID Mppt Inverters
  • With Strict control over installation quality standards
  • Our system generates best energy output
  • Our system are designed to generate output even in low light conditions and harsh terrains

  • With dedicated software and technology, our team does 24×7 online monitoring for slightest failure
  • with our O&M team strategically located near to all our installations we make sure immediate support on the site
  • Our solar plants have almost zero down-time and highest yield in the industry
  • We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  • We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity, transparency, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

About Us

Variate Solar is one of the leading industrial solar installation company in India. It’s a subsidiary of the varietal group. Variate Group is a diverse business conglomerate that operates in the Clean Energy industry.

Variate solar encourage to use free energy for your industry to save environment and electricity cost.

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Our expert team is an optimum mix of IITians, technocrats, Chartered Engineers, Architects, Management Graduates, Financial Analysts, Contract Specialists, and Experts (a solar EPC company in India).