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Dedicated team at Variate Solar

Variate Solar is one of the leading industrial solar installation company in India .It’s a subsidiary of the varietal group. Variate group is a multifaceted business group working in Solar Energy, EV Charging Station network, Smart Hot Water Systems, Carbon Credit and Net-Zero solutions.

IITian’s technocrats, Chartered Engineers, Architects, Management Graduates, Financial Modelers, Market Analysts, Financial Analysts, Contract Specialists, and Strategy Experts make up the ideal combination of our expert team.

Variate solar system dealers:

” At Variate Solar, our mission is to lead the transition to a sustainable and renewable energy future. We are committed to providing innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector, with a primary focus on solar energy, EV charging, heat pumps, and battery energy storage systems. We want to assist industries in reaching their net-zero goals by providing innovative technologies and ongoing improvements in energy solutions.”

Key Elements of Our Mission:

Our commitment lies in providing sustainable energy solutions that encourage the use of clean and renewable resources while lessening dependency on fossil fuels. With the help of our expertise in solar energy, heat pumps, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and battery storage systems, we hope to enable communities and businesses to adopt environmentally responsible practices and have a positive environmental impact.

We recognize the urgent need to address climate change and the role of industries in carbon emissions. Our mission is to support industries in achieving their net-zero targets by providing comprehensive and integrated renewable energy solutions. We work closely with businesses to assess their energy requirements, implement energy-efficient technologies, and optimize their operations for maximum environmental impact reduction.

We believe that continuous innovation is the key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry and constantly improving our offerings. Through a commitment to innovation and research and development, we aim to provide cutting-edge solutions that promote affordability, sustainability, and efficiency.

Achieving a sustainable future requires collective effort. In order to promote information sharing and hasten the adoption of renewable energy solutions, we actively seek partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses, industry professionals, and research institutes. By working together, we can amplify our impact and drive positive change on a larger scale.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to understanding their unique needs, challenges, and goals. Our goal is to surpass our customers’ expectations and establish enduring relationships by offering customized solutions, outstanding service, and continuous support.

Reasons for Selecting Variate Solar?

  • Variate Solar have an incredible track record in delivering end-to-end power solutions that meet any requirement from an organization; from site surveys, design, engineering, procurement, and installation to the lifetime maintenance of the plant.
  • With its strong Senior Management and Promoters, Variate Solar is focusing exclusively on high-quality and cost-effective Engineering Solutions. Our well-researched quality standards ensure that the products installed are highly reliable.
  • Variate solar is on a mission to harness the abundant free solar energy to power every roof, every home, every building, every village and every city.

What areas of expertise do we have?

Variate solar is on a mission to harness the abundant free solar energy to power every roof, every home, every building, every village and every city.

Best Quality Designs: Established with the vision of providing affordable solar power in an efficient, sustainable, and socially responsible manner, by a base asset of high-quality design and an experienced Team.

Best ROI Techniques: With our experienced knowledge and precise technical understanding, the Variate team has devised best-in-market techniques to provide best ROI to our projects. 

Experienced Professionals: With our in-house experienced team for Design, procurement, and execution of all types of EPC projects, we keep 100% control over quality and execution time.

Result-Oriented Projects: We are ongoing through various Projects across the various parts of the country due to our commitment to 100% Successful result-oriented projects.

Award-Winning Support Team: Successful result-oriented projects, our Team has been Recognized as an Award-Winning Support Team as we are dedicated to Our customers and Projects.

Lifetime Support: With each project, we build a commitment for life. With a sole vision of solidifying India, we are here for our customers as and when required.

Promoters of Company

Anand Meshram

Anand Meshram

CEO, Director
B.E Electronics, 22+ years Industrial and infrastructure experience

Vatsal Pic

Vatsal Misra

Director, CFO
BE Electronics, MBA Finance, 20 years of Consulting Experience

Shrikant Meshram Company Picture

Shrikant Meshram

CTO, Director
(B.Tech+M.Tech) IIT Mumbai. 10+ years’ Experience in the project industry and Software Technology

Our Values


Working cohesively and collaboratively towards something bigger


 Nurturing positive relationships at all levels of the organization.


Prioritizing the needs of customers and striving .


Thinking differently is in our DNA.